Day One: And so it begins…

Yesterday, I started an internship that could change my life. While I can’t tell you exactly which company I represent, I am official press intern for Jefferson City and I thought this would be a great outlet for me to voice what I’m learning, what questions I have and my overall progress throughout the internship.

Today is the official first day of the legislative office meaning senators and officials are going to be sworn in (in approximately one hour, by the way) and will begin their new term with a press conference. Families of senators are going to be present, as well as new Missouri Governor Eric Greitons-R (former navy seal). This is a change from previous governor Jay Nixon-D as he had issued many executive vetoes which later got overridden due to the fact that the two-thirds majority of Missouri Senators are republican, the majority of democrats hailing from St. Louis and Kansas City.

This is the first time in approximately four years that the GOP (republicans) had majority control over all chambers which accounts for smooth sailings in the future for conservatives and quite a hard pill to swallow for liberals. Essentially, the GOP doesn’t have to put up with over-riding vetoes and, ideally, the GOP and governor Greitons are on relatively the same page at the moment; however there has been talk that governor and legislature conflicts might intensify due to Greitons being a stricter basis on certain issues such as ethics reform (see Here for more info).

Today will be interesting beyond that given that politicians not-so-surprisingly have their dirty little secrets as two african-american senators that are to be sworn in have a little scandal pending. The female, married senator claims that the male senator drugged her at his apartment and raped her, while his lawyer claims that the sex was consensual (meaning he is not officially denying the accusation). More talk later on their names (because I forgot) and the dirty stares that I’m sure will be present on the main stage.

Overall, I’m already learning quite a bit. Looking forward for the days to come.


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