What does the Fox say??

I’m sorry; I just couldn’t resist. The famous FOX Trump heckler, Megyn Kelly, has left her job of twelve years for a position with NBC news. This leaves FOX without their main celebrity going into the new year, the first year of Trump’s (hopefully first) presidential term.

What does this mean for FOX? Well, quite a bit.

Due to the recent sexual harassment scandal with co-founder and former chairman, Roger Ailes, FOX is going to have to scramble to find a new lead female anchor with the stamina that Megyn Kelly had. However, from what it seems, they’re looking for someone with a less anti-Trump personality (which, for their sake, is probably a good thing). Donald Trump is our next president as of January 20th, 2017 and the last thing that the conservative news station wants to do is to move further up his shit list.

You know, it’s funny, I’d never actually really heard of Megyn Kelly before the whole Trump controversy; granted, the 2016 campaign is actually what got me involved in politics in the first place and then it just wouldn’t leave me alone.Megyn Kelly was my first real journalism idol and I’d always loved how much she held her ground in regards to Trump’s comments and she will surely be missed.

Of course, now NBC has to worry about Trump going after Kelly’s new station and what sort of repercussions will come of that. FOX initially offered Kelly $20 million to stay on board with them; so, clearly, Kelly did not leave FOX due to financial reason. An interview with Yahoo! news suggests that she left to spend more time with her family, that NBC was willing to offer her a more flexible schedule that would let her be home for dinner.

Good luck to you, Megyn Kelly! I guess I’ll be watching NBC now.


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