Day Four: Inauguration Day

I feel like Princess Anna from Frozen, right now, running around the house screaming: “It’s Inauguration Day! It’s Inauguration Day!” Except, for Anna, it was the coronation of the To-be-Queen Elsa that she was all excited about; for me, it’s the inauguration of Missouri Governor-elect R-Eric Greitons.

For the past eight years, Governor D-Jay Nixon has held office at Missouri’s capitol; therefore, making this the first time in eight years that a Republican has maintained the Governor status since R-Matt Blunt’s first and only term (FYI; yes, Matt Blunt is related to U.S. Senator Roy Blunt. Roy is Matt’s father). What makes this inauguration exciting is that this is the first time in roughly 100 years that republicans have held the mass majority in the house and senate, as well as having a republican Governor. Bad news for the liberals and it indicates big change for Missouri in the upcoming years.

As mentioned last week, Greitons and new Speaker of the House, R-Todd Richardson, have already discussed pulling a legislative order on the right-to-work act as well as voter ID registration. Right-To-Work is said to begin its process tomorrow, January 10th, and that likely won’t be the first republican favored bill to slide its way past. Fans of Labor Unions are going to have to come up with a plan once this bill gets past as it will likely change the way business is conducted. Of course, the ever-controversial topic of whether or not Right-To-Work will raise or lower unemployment for Missouri is yet to be seen.

Unsure about today’s itinerary; however, we will be heading outside for the official inauguration in approximately 34 minutes (yes, I’m counting down). I’ve got a new coat, a new pant-suit, and I am READY for this! Updates pending.

Intern out!



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