Day Six: Progress on Right-To-Work

Missouri House Representatives within the Committee of Economic Development met today to place their official vote on the right-to-work act. The session was quick and painless, becoming adjourned in less than fifteen minutes, and ended with the majority party favor. All four democrats within the committee voted against and eight of the nine republicans voted for. The eighth republican, representative T.J. Berry, claimed ‘present’ which is essentially a decline to vote or an indecisive.

Today, I successfully submitted my first four-sentence summary story covering the results of the vote.

House Representatives of the Joint Interim Committee on State Employee Wages met today to oversee a presentation by CBIZ regarding a study of total MO employee compensation salary, the majority of which went well over my head (but I was also seated in a position where I could not see the presentation powerpoint nor did I have the notes and, therefore, left early).



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