Trumpdates: So About That Press Conference

Let’s be honest; watching a press conference with Donald Trump is comparable to watching reality television. He almost never disappoints and, given that he comes from a television background, it’s not all that surprising. Today he finally held his first official press conference since becoming President-Elect and he did not disappoint.

The main highlight that the media is sure to focus on is his comments regarding “fake news” and his previous tweet comparing intelligence agencies (or just media outlets such as CNN) to Nazi Germany. When asked to comment on the meaning of his tweet, Trump stood by his statement and quoted: “That’s something that Nazi Germany would have done and did do…I think it’s a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public.” While he didn’t use any official examples regarding what ‘fake news’ was spewed throughout Germany during the Nazi fascist movement, he likely was using it as a buzzword to draw negative attention towards media outlets he believed to have wronged him (specifically CNN and buzzfeed).


Trump blatantly attacked CNN reporter telling him that his organization was terrible and to be quiet, he was fake news, and that he would not be taking questions from him.

The majority of Trump’s press conference was actually spoken by his attorney, Sheri Dillon. Her twenty-minute-long speech followed a series of questions from a certain reporter regarding making his tax returns public in order to guarantee there were no transactions with Russa. He, again, claimed he was still under a tax audit (although, to my knowledge, you are allowed to release tax returns even during an audit).

When her questions persisted, Trump exclaimed he doesn’t need to release his tax returns because he already won, and that no one cares about his tax returns.

The wall was, as expected, mentioned and the terms have changed. Instead of Mexico paying for the wall, it’s now official that Mexico will be reimbursing the cost of the wall so that the U.S. Government can make arrangements for immediate construction within Trump’s first two weeks in office. It is unknown where the money for the wall will be coming from as Trump previously estimated the cost of the wall up to 10 to 12 billion dollars and his cost estimates seem to be rising ever since he first proposed the idea.

Overall, nothing extraordinarily surprising; however, he seems to be doubling down on a lot of the issues he had previously been passionate about, given that instead of repealing Obamacare, he will be altering it; instead of Mexico paying for the wall, they will be reimbursing us, etc.

His Inauguration ball is Friday, January 20th and his official first day in office is Monday, January 16th.


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