Overview of Past Executive & Legislative Years

Last week, I checked out a big book on Missouri Government and, though I made notes, I wanted to make a few discoveries here.

As I’ve mentioned, this year’s administration is a trifecta of the conservative party with a Republican Executive branch (with the exception of the State Auditor), as well as both houses of the legislative branch having a republican majority. This hasn’t happened in at least 20 years.

Now, the House and the Senate have held a Republican majority since at least 2001 (that’s where I stopped researching); however, from 2009 to 2017, Missouri has had a Democratic Governor, Jay Nixon, to balance the scales. He also had a democratic-leaning Executive branch, as well, given that 3 out of his 5 cabinet members were democratic at any given time, with the State Auditor switching parties every two years (making sometimes 4 out of 5).

Between 2005 and 2009, Missouri had a republican governor, Matt Blunt, as well as a republican lieutenant governor; however, the majority of his state officials were democratic. That was the most republican-leaning statehouse we’ve had which was almost ten years ago.

Between 2001 and 2005, we had a democratic governor as well as a democratic majority in the executive branch, with a republican majority in the house and senate. The last time Democrats held the majority in the house and senate was before 2001 which makes it over 15 years since Democratics had a decent majority in Missouri.

Now what does this mean?

Having a relatively stable party divide makes it a fair system, in my opinion, and opens up the floor to scrutiny and, at the very least, gives the minority party a somewhat say. It would be interesting to see how states in Texas and New York handle minority parties.


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