Day Eight: Greiten’s State of the State address

Yesterday, Governor Eric Greitens held his State of the State address, building off of and emphasizing the importance of the points he originally campaigned with. He started off his speech by alluring to corruption in politics. Early last week, Greitens signed his first executive order barring lobbyists gifts from his administration and, on the day of his address, representatives voted on a lobbyist gift ban (HB-60) regarding members of legislation which passed 149 to 5 (I think it would have been interesting to have had a quote from someone who voted against).

“Too many good, strong public servants have come here only to see the will of the people obstructed and corrupted by insiders and lobbyists,” says Greitens. “I come bearing a simple message from the people of Missouri: They want a government that fights for them, and I come as an outsider ready to lead that fight.”

Before becoming elected, Greitens had not held any senate or representative office position which he utilized as one of his primary campaign strategies. He vowed to put an end to the lobbyist corruption and, later, also touched on topics such as the criminal justice system of Missouri noting that three out of the eleven most violent cities in America were in Missouri: St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield. According to wallstreet, that is accurate. Springfield is #11; Kansas City is #10; and St. Louis is, naturally, #1. St. Louis, Missouri, according to, had a total of 5,762 violent crimes in 2016. That number increased by 7.7% from the previous year, which is wildly higher than the national increase of 3.9%.

Greitens brought up the idea of the Ferguson Effect, keeping Missouri within those top high-danger cities, and claimed it’s getting harder to be a policeman given that they consistently have to closely evaluate their actions due to the threat of their life and, potentially, their families.

Senators met early this morning to discuss and hear testimonies regarding abortion issues. The first bill proposed regarded protecting the rights of alternatives-to-abortion agencies which was met with scrutiny. Witnesses claimed, given the bill references its first amendment rights, that the bill is irrelevant and already a part of the constitution. Senator Chappelle-Nadal, a democrat, emphasized America does not have a one-size-fit-all world and that furthering abortion laws would only hinder the state.

“We have literally generations of people who have ended up having children prematurely, not making the right decisions, and ultimately end up costing the state more.”

The Senator went on discuss the hypocrisy of pro-life given that proper alterations are not discussed in regards to miscarriages due to contaminated environments. Chappelle-Nadal is an avid environmentalist and regularly hosts meetings regarding radioactive landfills.


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