Day Seventeen: Moms Demand Action

This is a day late; I forgot to post. But here’s an article I wrote about Moms Demand Action, an organization dedicated to common-sense gun reform, responding to two bills that would allow conceal carry weapons on Missouri schools and campuses.

Over 200 volunteers from the national Moms Demand Action organization gathered at the state Capitol Wednesday morning to protest two new gun concealment laws.

The bills would allow students and teachers in public schools and campuses to carry concealed handguns.

The group’s Missouri Chapter head, Becky Morgan (a St. Louis-native) claims that among their supporters are several college campus stakeholders as well as university presidents and law enforcement leaders.

“I think we should listen to our experts,” Morgan says. “They understand the ins and outs of campus life best and so I agree with them that adding guns on a college campus or in k-12 schools will not decrease gun violence but will only make our students and staff members less safe.”

From their website, Moms Demand Action “was created to demand action from legislators, state and federal; companies; and educational institutions.”

Morgan says the organization supports “commonsense background checks for all gun sales” and claims that there are “big loopholes in that system for private sales, online sales and some gun shows” where background checks aren’t allowed.

One of the sponsors for the conceal carry bill, Republican Representative Andrew McDaniel, spoke with St. Louis Public Radio and said his initial reasoning for bringing about the bill was to benefit taxpayers.

“If you’re funding with your taxpayer dollars to go to certain facilities…you’re funding for it and your rights are being taken away,” says McDaniel.

McDaniel emphasizes that the scope is very wide and essentially wants to keep the conversation going about the second amendment.

“I’m a strong constitutionalist so I stand by it,” says McDaniel. “There’s no other amendment that gets more scrutiny than the 2nd.”

He says the bill is not his first priority and will agree to discuss more amendments in order to appease members on both sides.

Last year, during the 2016 session, Missouri Lawmakers overturned former-Governor Nixon’s veto to allow permitless carry and Moms Demand Action was present during that fight, as well.

Becky Morgan says the group will continue “working towards progress” and will be closely following this session’s legislation.